2018/05/15 20:53:00
  1. Ramadan food Parcel 2018

    We have supported hundreds of families in Pakistan in the areas of South of Punjab, District Jhelum and Baluchistan and with your dedicated support we will be able support more.
    £0.00 donated of £2,459.00 goal
  2. Marriage Support

    Maqbool Begham's only source of income was from her husband who died 10 years ago leaving behind very young children. Due to lack of education and no employment Maqbool is unable to provide for her children and get her daughter married off.
    £0.00 donated of £3,456.00 goal
  3. SYT

    At SYT, our work operates entirely on donor support and the tireless dedication of our volunteers. By donating, you will be giving young people in the UK and destitute communities abroad the opportunities for a better life. Thank you and may Allah reward you for your support.
    £0.00 donated of £3,456.00 goal
  4. Medical Aid

    Did you know that in the poorest communities in rural Pakistan, the average life expectancy is 40 to 60 years of age? People who live here have no access to basic medical resources, and cannot afford to travel to seek medical aid. Most die of ailments that are easily cured or suffer needlessly.
    £0.00 donated of £3,456.00 goal
  5. Zakat

    Cleansing your wealth with Zakat is a blessing with untold benefits to you and the poor who have a right to it. Every Ramadan, SYT uses Zakat donations from UK donors to implement its two main aid projects: our Ramadan Food Pack distributions and our Eid Gift distributions.
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  6. Sadaqah

    Many of our overseas development projects run on the Sadaqah and Lillah donations of our generous UK donors. These range from providing much needed medical aid in rural Pakistan, to building water wells in remote African villages; from protecting and educating orphans, to giving poor couples the means to marry.
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